Been too long

It’s been awhile since I updated the site with some of the latest information. I promise I will be keeping up on the site more. I will start to post all the YouTube content on here on the basis that I post it. I’m still doing music, I am working on new tracks and will be releasing more information very soon. I have gotten more into the making of music and have lots of shit to get off my chest! I want to get everyone on my mind set as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has fucked my performance! So I don’t see tours or one off shows in the future. I want to start posting more of my personal struggle with MS through the website and music.
If you’re a fan then you also know my love of wrestling. I will also be posting wrestling news on here. I like to give my wrestling news on video through YouTube, so it’s easy to share on here.
I also like to talk about the music I like, so I will also be posting about that. That will be videos through YouTube shared on here.
Sorry but my mind is racing and I can post updates on my phone now.
Peace out 

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