B-Cide - PE (Pulmonary Embolism)

01. Dr. Sosso (intro)
02. The Deal
03. E.S.D.
04. Hot Like Fire feat. Hersh
05. Somethin Bout The Feeling
06. Spotlight
07. Dean Message
08. The World That I Live In
09. Ridin With Me
10. Ken Message
11. Happy To Be Allive
12. You Could Really Do It
13. Bruce Message
14. Till I’m Gone feat. Marka
15. Party All Night
16. Just Joey Message
17. It’s All Me
18. Where’s The Time Go?
19. Who I Am feat. Ashleigh Munn

B-Cide - The Essential Collection

1. Quit Your Yappin
2. The Cide Show
3. My Life's Fucked Up
4. Them Boys Don't Like Me Ft. G.A. & R. Dollaz
5. Ball Till I Fall
6. Can I Help You?
7. Get Outside Ft. Shysty
8. Spit Flamez
9. We Are The Voice Ft. Shysty
10. You Can't Do
11. Final Hour
12. 2008 BC
13. Tip To The Cide
14. My Life
15. We Like To Party Ft Cognito & Hex
16. I Didn't Kill This Bitch
17. Just Tryin To Make A Livin
18. Precision Ft. Shysty
19. Rockish
20. Yall Came Here To Party

The Big East Finest - Mixtape Volume 2

2.Ya Hear Me (B-Cide, Shysty)
3.Who Dat (Shysty, B-Cide)
4.Rumours (G.A.)
5.She Is Gone (B-Cide, Shysty, MiniBlaze)
6.I Got Into That (Shysty)
7.Reminder (B-Cide)
8.Duces (R. Dollaz, B-Cide)
9.Higher (Shysty, B-Cide)
10.Just A Fling (Shysty, B-Cide)
11.I Don't Like The Look Of It (MiniBlaze)
12.Get Over (R. Dollaz)
13.Coke Train (Shysty, B-Cide)
14.All I Do Is Win (Wordplay, B-Cide)
15.Women Lie, Men Lie (Wordplay)
16.Last Days (G.A.)
17.Would You Be My (B-Cide, Shysty)
18.Breakin Down The Walls (Shysty, B-Cide)

B-Cide - E.S.D. Digital Single

1. E.S.D.

B-Cide - The Cide Show

01. Big Dogg
02. Ball Till I Fall
03. Die, Die! ft. J Sawedoff & Kid Crusher
04. Go 2 War (Remix)
05. Independent
06. Autotune
07. Dead Wrong ft Project Born, Bay Jones, & G-Beanz
08. Rockish
09. If Ya Feel This
10. The Cide Show
11. Spit Flamez (Remix)
12. Inked Up (Glitch Remix)
13.Inked Up (Distortion Remix)

B-Cide - Bootlegs & B-Sides Vol. 2

01. Intro
02. Hardwork ft First class & Ace
03. 2 Bar
04. Cop Killa
05. Studio Nights ft First Class
06. Died In Your Arms
07. I Skate ft First Class & Wiz
08. It's Just Music ft G.A. & First Class
09. Do Whatcha Do
10. Nothin Like You Hoes In The Industry ft Shysty & First Class
11. Skit
12. One Of These Night
13. V.I.P. ft First Class
14. Think Twice
15. Click Clack ft Jac D & G.A.

B-CIDE - The Self Proclaimed King COLLECTOR'S EDITION CD

Limited run of 250 - Each Cd comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and includes 3 never before heard tracks and new mixes of classic favorites.
1. Intro
2. The Self-Proclaimed King
3. Stomp, Stomp feat GA
4. Right Here feat Shysty
5. I Didn't Kill This Bitch
6. Yall Came Here To Party
7. Them Boys Don't Like Me feat GA & R. Dollaz
8. Runnin UT
9. This Ain't Nothin To Me
10. You Know You All Want In feat Shysty & X-Kal
11. Quit Your Yappin
12. The Media feat MARS
13. Chronic Killaz (CKC)
14. The Main Stream (How Do I Look?)
15. Do you Know What It's Like?
16. Stay Strong
17. That's Life (Revised)
18. You Gotta Dream
19. Get Outside feat Shysty
20. 30 Bars
21. I Don't Know feat James Meenan
22. My Life's Fucked Up (Part II)
23. My Life

B-Cide - Free Agent

01. Spit flamez
02. When You Hear The Sound
03. Inked Up
04. You Can't Do
05. Pass The Dutch Ft. The Homie Jaz & Shysty
06. Step To Me Ft. T. Gates
07. Tip To The Cide / The Morning After
08. From The Evening To The Morning
09. The Grind Ft. First Class
10. Still Mashin n' Flashin Ft. Shysty
11. We Like To Party Ft. Cognito & Hex
12. Where I Started From
13. Jump Up Ft. Lil Billa
14. Can I Help You?
15. 2008 BC

B-CIDE - Bootlegs & B-Sides Volume 1

01. 1st Annual Halloscreams Commercial Intro (2004)
02. Not For Radio (B-Side) (2004)
03. Something 4 The Fans - B-PAIN (Bootleg) (2008)
04. Bandanas ft Psychopathic Rydas (Bootleg) (2008)
05. 30 Bars (Demo) (2005)
06. Back In the Day (B-Side) (2004)
07. Boom ft. Johnny Dead (Demo) (2006)
08. Butt Cunt ft. Shysty (B-Side) (2003)
09. 4 My Rydas ft Psychopathic Rydas (Bootleg) (2008)
10. Cemetery Girl ICP Remake (Bootleg) (2007)
11. Watch Me (B-Side) (2003)
12. Cookie Money ft. Master P & Bblak (Bootleg) (2006)
13. Drawers ft G.A. & Bags (RIP) BRICK GANG! (Bootleg) (2006)
14. Ghostwriters ft Shysty (OG)(Demo) (2004)
15. They Don't Really Know You ft C-Murder & Master P (Bootleg) (2006)
16. My Father Underground Remix (B-Side) (2004)
17. My Life Is Sweet ft Krazy & Master P (Bootleg) (2006)
18. Ridin ft Shysty (Demo) (2003)
19. Nostoppin Us (B-Side) (2003)
20. The Crew All The Haters Fear ft X-Kal (B-Side) (2005)
21. Yall Came Here To Party (Demo) (2005)
22. You Know You All Want In (Demo) (2004)
23. No Problems ft Cognito, Lyulah, Bblak (Bootleg) (2006)

W.T.P. (Johnny Dead & B-Cide) - The Storm

01. That's How We Roll
02. Just Wait
03. Are You Ready To Die?
04. Ride
05. Can't Stop
06. Lies
07. 7 Within
08. Hardtimes
09. All My Life
10. So Sexxy
11. Money
12. I'm Not The One
13. The Storm
14. Forever
15. Finish Me Off
16. This Right Here
17. You Have To Hold On
18. They Got Me
19. Elements

B-CIDE - The Self Proclaimed King

1. Intro
2. The Self-Proclaimed King
3. Stomp, Stomp feat GA
4. Right Here feat Shysty
5. I Didn't Kill This Bitch
6. Yall Came Here To Party
7. You Know You Want In feat Shysty & X-Kal
8. Them Boys Don't Like Me feat GA & R. Dollaz
9. This Ain't Nothin To Me
10. That's Life (Revised)
11. Quit Your Yappin
12. The Media feat MARS
13. Do You Know What It's Like?
14. We Are The Voice feat Shysty
15. My Life's Fucked Up (Part II)
16. I Don't Know feat James Meenan
17. Get Outside feat Shysty
18. People Follow Me feat Shysty
19. My Life
20. Outro
21. Chronic Killaz (FREE BONUS TRACK)
22. 30 Bars (FREE BONUS TRACK)
23. The Mainstream (FREE BONUS TRACK)

B-CIDE - Fuck The Haters (The Mixtape)

1. Yall Heard Of Me feat C-Murder
2. B-CIDE 315 feat Shysty, Bio Killaz, Trouble
3. My Life's Fucked Up
4. Big East feat Shysty
5. DEBUN feat Shysty, Grand Larceny, Raw Dogg
6. Ghostwriters feat Shysty
7. Toy Soldiers (Remix)
8. Love of mine feat Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko
9. We Don't Play feat Bio Killaz
10. Whatcha Gonna Do? (REMIX) feat Lil Scrapy
11. WooHaa feat Saint Sinna of Bio Killaz
12. Died In Your Arms
13. Stay Fly (REMIX) feat 3-6 Mafia, 8-Ball & MJG
14. Thug Chick (REMIX) feat Master P
15. Tour Song feat Kid Riddles


01. Intro
02. One For You
03. Thug Dick Feat. Dez
04. Precision
05. The Pros
06. So Fuct Up Feat X-Kal
07. Sleep With The Fish (Real Mob Shit)
08. All The Kings People (Shysty Solo)
09. What's A Gangsta?
10. Ride & Slide With Us
11. My Life's Fucked Up (B-Cide Solo)

THE BIG EAST FINEST - Mixtape Volume 1

01. Intro - Shysty, B-CIDE, Tsap (Exclusive mixtape intro)
02. Never Scared - B-CIDE, Lucci, Shysty (Bone Crusher)
03. Debun - Shysty, Grand Larceny, Raw Dogg, B-CIDE (Chingy)
04. Whats A Gangsta - Shysty, B-CIDE (Exclusive)
05. 21 Questions - B-CIDE, Nate Dogg (50 Cent)
06. Don't Fuck With Me - Sincere (Exclusive)
07. Sideeffects - Shysty (Exclusive)
08. Ugh Oh - Lucci, B-CIDE, Legacy (Lumiedee)
09. Big East - Shysty, B-CIDE (Joe Budden)
10. 2 Step - B-CIDE (Exclusive)
11. Freestyle Interlude - B-CIDe, Lucci (Showbiz & AG)
12. Decisions - Lucci (Exclusive)
13. Dipset - Shysty, B-CIDE, Lucci, Don Gonzotti, Sincere, Legacy (Diplomats)
14. Chronic Killin Soljas - Lil Rig (CKC Snippit Track)
15. Fuckin 101 - B-CIDE, Legacy (G-Unit)
16. Shorty (I see you) - Legacy, Sincere, B-CIDE (Exclusive)
17. They Gonna Miss You - Shysty, B-CIDE (Freeway)
18. Back In The Day - B-CIDE (Exclusive)
19. Everyday Strugglin Remix - Lucci, Sincere, Legacy (Exclusive)
20. Bout It, Bout It - B-CIDE, Shysty, Lucci, Big Luck, Don Gonzotti, Sincere (Master P)
21. Gotta Gun (Then We Bust) - Sincere, Legacy, B-CIDE, Shysty (Youngbloodz)

B-CIDE - Upstate Madness : Welcome To Utica

1. Intro
2. Welcome To Utica
3. Upstate Madness
4. Bodega (interlude)
5. Bud Greentreez feat Raw Dogg
6. My Father
7. Show Me A Mic feat Lyrical E
8. Double Bladed Knife
9. Bitches In Tha Game
10. Platinum Bound Playas Productions
11. Money Can't Buy It feat Tha Prince
12. Final Hour (Respect & Power)
13. Fugitives (Americas Most Wanted) feat Shysty
14. Chillin On The B-Cide feat Lyrical E
15. Down Here
16. That's Life
17. Jus Tryin To Make A Livin
18. Up Hill Battle feat GL
19. Keep It Tight feat Lucky
20. Outro
21. Welcome To Utica (Extended into mix) feat Shysty, Sleezy, & Lyrical E


The Cide Show

B-CIDE — The Cide Show
Release date : Nov. 24, 2009
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
One day I got up and thought, I’m gonna record something, not knowing exactly what I was recording for. The next day I got up and did the same thing, same goes for the day after that and so on. I had recorded about 9 songs in 8 days. I was giving them away for free download on my web site a one point. Then I thought why not complete this album and put it out. I see someone like Lil Wayne who has been grinding putting out mixtapes and just recording for the sake of recording, so i said why not me? I had the cover art done but never knew what I would use it for, then it hit me BAM! The Cide Show! The cover picture was taken in Downtown Utica and the back picture was taken on Broad Street in Utica. I like to show a lot of love to the city that I call home so I like to keep a lot of things Utica based. It was also not very hard to come up with the title of this project. I recorded a track called the Cide Show, just talking about being the outcast in the music industry but I overcome it because the fans are so strong. I did some different sounding stuff on this CD, two songs that really stand out would be Autotune and Rockish. I did use the Autotune effect on them but it was ment to sound the way it does. I personally don’t like to use things like Autotune unless it will bring something to the table. I also produced a beat on this bad boy called If Ya Feel This which has a different feel than most of the stuff I do, I was just trying out different rhyme styles and kicking back to do what I do best, make hip-hop music.

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Bootlegs & B-Sides Vol. 2

B-CIDE — Bootlegs & B-Sides Volume 2
Release date : Aug. 11, 2009
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
I wanted to make sure Bootlegs & B-Sides Volume 2 was a real dope album. I really didn’t want any type of mixtape tracks (or bootlegs as I call em) on this CD. At this point I has been doing a lot of recording with First Class, formerly of Brick Money Entertainment. A lot of these tracks were going to be used on an EastSide Productions Mixtape which kinda got scrapped. Songs like Think Twice and One Of These Nights were to be used on Free Agent but we could never get any clarence for them. Plus judging by the content of them I don’t think Free Agent could have used anymore downer type tracks. I was really going through some stuff in my personal life which always translates to music, but i didn’t think I would get out of the funk I was in. I’m really a big fan of Click, Clack because I got to record something with Jac D and G.A. before they got locked up. The Brick Money music movement was very powerful and to this day I’m saddened to see how everything went down. We will always have love the the whole Brick Money movement. Which brings me to the track, Cop Killa. Now I love to speak my mind in my music and this does not fall short. I love my freedoms as an American and I will use free speech to it’s fullest extent. I had turned some heads in the long arm of the law by releasing that track. I can remember actually being visited by the New York State Police because of that song. They wanted a lyric sheet which boggled my mind, how could I be killing cops? I’m an entertainer, not a cop killer. But just like I said in the song, they wasted tax payers money to come talk to me about a hip-hop song……… Really? Only in America can we make a song about freedom of speech and then have questions raised because of it.

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The Self Proclaimed King COLLECTOR’S EDITION CD

B-CIDE — The Self Proclaimed King COLLECTOR'S EDITION CD
Release date : Apr. 20, 2009
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
What I really like about this CD is the overall packaging of it. It comes in a DVD case with a signed and numbered COA. It also comes with a full color picture disc which the original version of The SPK did not. Some cool notes about this version of the CD would be a re-ordered track list, a couple different mixes of some tracks and 3 tracks that were cut from the original version of the disc along with a new intro. I feel the new intro did it real justice, my close personal friend John Peezy and I came up with it and just had a real good time working on it. I also have the 3 tracks that were not on the original SPK CD, they are Runnin UT, Stay Strong, & You gotta Dream. Those are 3 I wish could have been on the original of the SPK, but were not. Thanks to this CD they get to see the light of day. One track I wish was taken off was The Media, simply for the fact that Mars is a shit talking lying son of a bitch. The person who I met when doing that track is no the same person as he is today and for that I’m sorry I even subjected my fans to his “music”. Time will tell what will happen, but I’m still here making music and enjoying everything I do. I hope you enjoy this collector’s edition as much as I do.

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Free Agent

B-CIDE — Free Agent
Release date : Jul. 15, 2008
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
This CD was mostly written while I was under contract with LiferDef/Universal. This CD was the mark of something really big in my career….. or so I thought. I had high hopes of being signed and what I thought it was. Take everything with a grain of salt is what I say. The label was put on hold and I needed to still keep doing music. Everything went cool with my departure and I was able to release this on my label, EastSide Productions. I actually have a few of my former label mates on this record as well. Step To Me, Pass The Dutch, and We Like To Party feature T. Gates, The Homie Jaz and Hex who were on LiferDef/Universal with me. This album opens up with my signature horns and I’m really rippin into the beat, it’s really some double or triple time type shit. I opened up my last two tours with this song, it’s really that energy right from the start. I really like to go all over with my music, I don’t like to stay on one topic for to long or the album will just be boring. I went up and down on this, so I could reach a bunch of different topics. When you pop in something like When You Hear The Sound you really have to listen to the message, it may be crazy, but the message is crazier. I got my good friend, Cognito who just signed with Strange Music on the track We Like To Party which came out so dope. The track is knockin with the main synth that really carries the overall vibe of the track, it’s a real West Coast Hyphy beat.

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Bootlegs & B-Sides Volume 1

B-CIDE — Bootlegs & B-Sides Volume 1
Release date : May. 01, 2008
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE This is the CD that started the Bootlegs & B-Sides series. I had been recording so many tracks and has so many demos I figured I would put them out in a collection. One year for halloween I did a remake of the Insane Clown Posse song Cemetery Girl and thought it needed to see the light of day. Same goes for all the No Limit Records remixes that are on here, I have remixed some Master P and C-Murder tracks and put them on this. I also have a bunch of demos on here along with some original songs that never really came out. This is one of those CDs for those of you who really wanna dig into the entire collection. This CD spans 5 years with the tracks it contains.
I can remember recording songs like Watch Me back when everything was really getting off the ground and just wanting to record over any beat we could get our hands on. Me and Shysty recorded Butt Cunt and really just freestyled it over the beat, talking about some of the most ridiculous things, we were so fucked up in the studio that night and it was so late, I can still smell the dutches, ha ha.

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The Storm

W.T.P. — The Storm
Release date : Jan. 01, 2007

Synopsis as told by Producer, TONY TOURIS
It was a calm, rainy night when I first heard it all come together. I knew I was in for the ride of my life, with the sun on my face and the wind on my back, I started a journey of melody, rhyme and rythem that ended too soon for us mear mortals. I found myself wanting more and only can’t wait for the rest of The Storm to carry me on to other places. This rollercoaster of insanity that will have blown your mind and a twist of words to make you think of things you normally wouldn’t. I can only wish for more.

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The Self Proclaimed King

B-CIDE — The Self Proclaimed King
Release date : Oct. 16, 2006
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
I can remember being in New Orleans when the proofs of this album came back for me to review. The Self Proclaimed King to me is a testament to all the hard work going on during the time period. The album starts off with horns blaring on the title track and really gives some perspective into The Self Proclaimed King of Utica. I lead into Stomp, Stomp featuring my boy, G.A. of Brick Money Ent., once you hear the drums in this track you know it’s on. I like to keep Shysty involved in everything so we are on 6 tracks together. It’s always a good time doin shit with Shysty. We don’t just get in the studio with each other, we really do shit! Aside from this music, we are always doin something, whether it’s having a BBQ or just kickin around ideas, this is real life. With so many tracks to choose from it’s really hard to pick out a favorite track, but in no order what so ever I’d say, I Didn’t Kill This Bitch, Quit Your Yappin, We Are The Voice, Them Boys Don’t Like Me, and Yall Came Here To Party would be my top 5. I don’t like to pick favorites though. The album as a whole lived up to my expectations and that’s all I can hope for as an artist.

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Fuck The Haters (The Mixtape)

B-CIDE — Fuck The Haters (The Mixtape)
Release date : Apr. 02, 2005
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
This mixtape was put out to promote The Self Proclaimed King album. I put some remix tracks on this CD along with originals. The Toy Soldiers remix was around the time when we were beefing hard with some local dudes. The track itself actually has audio in it from a video that was shot when this big brawl broke out outside of one of our shows. It was all a real crazy time and made for some dope music. I have a bunch of remixes I did on here. I like to take a song I like and put myself in it, It’s really a good concept. The Yall Heard Of Me Remix with C-Murder really took off and even cought the attention of TRU Records.

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Release date : Feb. 14, 2004
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by Shysty
I can remember writing this entire album in about one night, ha ha. This is the Concerta album as I like to call it. Me and B did a lot of shows during this album. This was a combination of staying up late nights, smoking, drinking, and chillin with girls. These were the times man.

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THE BIG EAST FINEST – Mixtape Volume 1

THE BIG EAST FINEST — Mixtape Volume 1
Release date : Nov. 14, 2003
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by John Peezy
To this day this is some of Shysty & B-Cide’s best verses. All the beats chosen for this mixtape are on point. I can remember promoting for this album in the dead of Winter, hanging up posters, passing out flyers and demos. Looking at the company now it’s incredible to see how far it’s all come. If your looking for some classic EastSide Productions, this is it.

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Upstate Madness : Welcome To Utica

B-CIDE — Upstate Madness : Welcome To Utica
Release date : Apr. 29, 2003
Label : EastSide Productions

Synopsis as told by B-CIDE
This is the album that started it all. I was fresh outta high school when most of this stuff was recorded. It contains a lot of classic stuff on it. The Bodega Skit still makes me laugh to this very day. The best part about it is that it’s all true! Every last word of it. This was all recorded before I got to know how people in the game operate. I can remember back to those days. To be so naive about everything, ha ha. Just makes you think.

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